Chocorella 4 in 1

  • Chlorella has great potential  as a super nutrient. It has detoxification abilities that make it a very impotant part of a treatment program. It is also an immune booster, it contains a compound known as Chlorellan that stimulates the body to make more interferon. It also stimlulates the growth of pre-biotic or the friendly bacteria, and its cell walls absorb toxins within the intestine and encourage peristalsis. The Chlorophyll plays a vital part in all detoxification and health building programs.
  • Chocorella is a blend of special chocolate, non-dairy creamer, sugar, Taurine, Lysine, Chlorella in the right mix of that winning health drink.
  • Pure Chlorella Powder is formulated for the CHOCORELLA BLEND’s additional benefits of Chlorophyll, Protein, Vitamins, Minerals, Taurine, Lysine, and CHLORELLA GROWTH FACTOR

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