About CF Wellness

The Company

CF Wellness is a health and wellness company formed by an organization whose members have over a decade of experience in direct marketing, information technology, financial and corporate management. The company was established with the main purpose of providing every Filipino family with all types of cheaper but world-class-Philippines-manufactured consumer products through a full-blown and comprehensive M-Commerce-System where consumers can partake in
comprehensive rewards system.

Our goal is to be the first company in the Philippines to create an entrepreneurial business for the “C” and “D” brackets of our society with the lowest capital outlay while being supported by the company’s powerful M-Commerce System. These entrepreneurs will be the company’s main distribution channels and each of them will be provided with a captured market through the company’s Unique Consumer’s Reward Program.



Our Mission

Our mission requires the highest ideals and dedication. CF Wellness aims to convert every Filipino into a professional and effective entrepreneur. To continuously innovate and develop products and services related to Health and Wellness.

Our Vision

We envision a Filipino Community composed of humble and successful entrepreneurs. CF Wellness wants to become the leading catalysts and business model provider for Filipinos to become highly motivated as well as effective entrepreneurs.

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